Il Luogo Di Aimo e Nadia

Luxury Restaurants

City: Milan    Region: Lombardy
Address: Via Montecuccoli  6    Area Code: 20147
Office Number: +39 02 416886    Fax: +39 02 48302005

Aimo, Nadia and Stefania have created a special place which brings together professionalism and poetry, rigour and love, where excellent quality products among the best possible to be found on the italian peninsula, accompanied by the finest wines, selected to match the food courses in a never taken for granted or banal way.

A place well-known for its attention to creating a refined ambiance, the same care used in preparing plates, to be experienced by our guests.

A place for food, as well as for thought, where the works of arts exposed, constituted in the "Asystemic Composition in-Absence n. 3" of Paolo Ferrari, represent yet another level.

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